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Why Most Architecture Firm Websites Suck (and how to fix them)

After evaluating more than 400 architecture firm websites Bryon McCartney, Founder of Archmark, found out that 71% of the sites were poorly constructed and underperforming. Most of them were showing beautiful images of the projects which seems to be the common starting point of how architectural practices design their website. But in times of digital […]


VR Sketch Helps you Create, Edit and View Models in Virtual Reality

VR Sketch is a plug-in for SketchUp which enable you to create, edit and view your models in virtual reality just as you would in SketchUp. It offers the easiest way to bring VR into your existing workflow with extremely intuitive tools. Architectural design is an inherently spatial discipline. Yet, for over 99% of its written […]


10 Best Apps for Architects That Make Life Easier

These 10 apps for architects have grabbed the spotlight in recent years as innovative problem-solving tools that make life easier for architects. Innovative tech solutions– from 3D printing to project management tools and drone-based monitoring systems– are revolutionizing the way architects work. These tools allow them to optimize their workflows, increase ROI and communicate better […]


Top 5 Online Tools to Track Building Projects around the World

Tracking building projects and navigating the construction process just got a lot easier, thanks to online tools and search engines that provide most up-to-date information on new construction projects throughout the world. In order to succeed, business owners in the AEC industry need to arm themselves with information on their competition, key demographic and market […]


ArchiSnapper – Create Field Reports and Punch Lists with this App

Automating administrative tasks doesn’t only save time, it also makes it significantly easier to communicate with clients and co-workers. The punch list, field & site report app ArchiSnapper aims to do just that – to allow thousands of professionals working in the AEC industry to generate and send out field reports with a single mouse click. […]


10+ Aesthetic & Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes for Architects

When it comes to websites of architecture firms, I strongly feel that a lot of things about their online presence can be improved. In this article, I will show you just over 10 beautiful WordPress portfolio themes, each perfect for professional websites about architecture. These themes provide the easiest and fastest way for an architect […]

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