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Architecture Firm Website: Finding the Right Balance Between Aesthetics and Marketing

Your architecture firm website needs the right structure, design and messaging to connect with your prospective clients and guide them to the next step. Strategic and well crafted website design will connect your visitors with your brand and guide them in an effective, authentic and meaningful way.

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Survival>Sustainability>Success: How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Virtually every architecture practice starts in ‘survival’ mode. Many are permanently stuck in it. Over time, some grow and develop to become ‘sustainable’ businesses. But relatively few achieve real ‘success’. Here is what you need to focus on, to triumph and create a successful architecture practice. by Ross Clark Success in architectural practice can be […]

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5 Tips to Make Your Architecture Firm Ready for Growth

Running an architecture practice is not a sprint. It takes years and countless hours of dedication and careful planning to create a business that can weather crises and grow sustainably. Bringing in new work while handling the daily ins and outs of running a company requires a combination of talent, skill, team effort, a great […]

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7 Online Courses that will Get You Started as an Archipreneur

Becoming an archipreneur means taking the road less travelled, and those that decide to take it need to equip themselves with a set of tools that will help them avoid common traps and dead ends. Becoming one’s own boss comes with a set responsibilities and requirements that go far beyond design excellence. Aspiring archipreneurs– fresh […]

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Digital Nomads + Architecture: 9 Tips for Running a Practice on the Road

Digital Nomads in architecture: There aren’t many architects I know who do not love to travel, and I’ve always felt the two things are intrinsically linked. Maybe it’s our constant quest for visual inspiration and new ideas, or perhaps our fascination for how people live their lives and how wildly that varies from border to […]

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6 Must-Watch TED Talks for Archipreneurs in 2017

Looking for some inspiration to strengthen you passion for Archipreneurship? This eclectic collection of TED Talks will inspire and motivate you to work smarter, faster and more creatively in 2017. TED Talks seem to have transformed from a platform which celebrates remarkable ideas to a format within which over-rehearsed performances aim to primarily entertain. Many […]

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Grow Your Architecture Firm with LinkedIn

With a multitude of social media platforms to choose from, architects have to be careful in choosing the right one in which to engage with others and to invest their time and money. Young companies and startups in particular stand to gain a good deal from using LinkedIn. Usually strapped for cash, startups need to […]

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How Architects Can Use Instagram to Promote Their Work

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms with user-generated content. But how useful can Instagram be for architects and those working in the AEC industry? Apparently, extremely useful. Read on to find out how. The majority of architects still don’t see marketing as a hugely important […]

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Top 10 Guidelines for Success in Archipreneurship

There are no clear rules to follow when it comes to making career choices in any industry, particularly in the entrepreneurial arena where business owners often have to come up with innovative, unconventional solutions to problems. In archipreneurship, which is still in its nascent state, AEC professionals often have to play by ear and reinvent […]

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Thinking of Archipreneurship? How to Overcome Your Initial Fears in 7 Steps

Entrepreneurs are, by definition, dedicated to exploring new ways of running enterprises and generating innovation. This willingness to break away from traditional business models comes with a set of stresses and risks that far exceed those afflicting architects who work for a paycheck. The fear of failure and economic uncertainty are some of the biggest […]

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7 Reasons Why Every Archipreneur Should Keep an Idea Book

Many successful entrepreneurs claim that taking notes and making lists should be treated as an indispensible part of your daily activities. Capturing ideas, writing down day-to-day, monthly and long-term goals can keep one productive and focused on getting things done. For example, Richard Branson keeps four types of lists: ideas, thing people say, people to […]

Creative Strategies

5 Ways Architecture Students Can Get Started as Entrepreneurs

Do architecture students as a whole realize their entrepreneurial potential? I don’t believe so. Architecture students are a rare breed: creative perfectionists that are ambitious enough to accept all-nighters as the norm. But far too often they dismiss the financial value of their skillset and complain about the lack of job prospects and associated compensation. […]

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