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Data Experience and Environment – Digital Building Lab Symposium 2018 at Georgia Tech

The Digital Building Lab Symposium 2018 looks beyond the processes of project development to consider technology’s impact on our experience of the environment itself. As digital tools escape the desktop and become part of the environment around us, digital interfaces and media are increasingly integral to architecture and the urban fabric. The Digital Building Lab Symposium […]


A New Stage for Startups in Architecture and Construction Business

Startups based in the architecture and building trade now have the chance to present their ideas and products from 23. – 26. October 2018 at the Architecture & Building STARTUPCORNER during the ORGATEC in Cologne. The number of young entrepreneurs in the architecture and real estate industry is very low and there is still too […]


MakeCity – A Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives

MAKE CITY is Berlin’s first festival for architecture and urban alternatives, bringing together architects, planners, civic groups and developers in a citywide conversation on thinking about and designing the city of Berlin differently. Read about the key topics and how to learn from Berlin’s vibrant Self Made City scene. In the last three weeks, Berlin […]

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