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VR Sketch Helps you Create, Edit and View Models in Virtual Reality

VR Sketch is a plug-in for SketchUp which enable you to create, edit and view your models in virtual reality just as you would in SketchUp. It offers the easiest way to bring VR into your existing workflow with extremely intuitive tools. Architectural design is an inherently spatial discipline. Yet, for over 99% of its written […]

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Bimarium Objects: A New 3D BIM Platform That Helps Architects Create Better, Smarter Designs

Do you want to get into the heads of the top initiators and performers from the architectural community? If so, we heartily welcome you to Archipreneur Insights! In this interview series, we talk to the leaders and key players who have created outstanding work and projects within the fields of architecture, building and development. Get […]


3D Printing is Making Its Way into Interior Design

Welcome to our projects series where we present design products, productized architectural design services and software solutions created by architects. This week we want to present you 3D printed interiors by DUS architects. 3D printing – also known as additive manufacturing – turns digital 3D models into solid objects by building them up in layers. The technology was […]

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How Modelo Started a SaaS Business

Welcome back to “Archipreneur Insights”, the interview series with leaders who are responsible for some of the world’s most exciting and creatively disarming architecture. The series largely follows those who have an architectural degree but have since followed an entrepreneurial or alternative career path but also interviews other key players in the building and development […]

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How Will 3D Printing Transform the A/E/C Industry?

As 3D printers have become more affordable, so have a myriad of startups worldwide made use of the rapidly evolving industry. New materials, manufacturing techniques, ambitious prototypes and open-source designs constantly push the envelope for today’s manufacturing solutions, but is 3D technology really destined to revamp the A/E/C industry? 3D printing, or “additive manufacturing” is […]

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Beyond BIM: Architects Create a Wider Building Management Tool

BIMMUNITY is a cloud-based system aimed at empowering those concerned with the efficient management of the built environment. BIMMUNITY builds upon the merger of several intertwined concepts and constituents that shape its unique integrated nature, including building information modeling (BIM), geographic information systems (GIS), and database and server technology, in order to manage the built […]

Qi Su

Qi Su is an architect who has worked for the architectural offices amphibianArc, MADAs.p.a.m. and Michael Sorkin Studio. He graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Design and is the only master’s student in school history who has won both the Peter Rice Prize for structural design invention and the Digital Design Prize for the innovative creation […]

Tian Deng

Tian Deng worked as an industrial designer after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked on several hardware design and interactive design projects before he joined Qi Su and start working on Modelo in 2014. Tian and Qi developed a browser-based 3D design collaboration tool, which makes it easy to share and […]

Gonzalo Portabella

Gonzalo Portabella is an architect and 3D artist. Together with his team he leads the creative development and oversees the entire production process of the films. Gonzalo Portabella studied architecture in Barcelona and worked for various architecture firms, such as pich-aguilera and Sauerbruch Hutton Architects. morean have been working with high-end clients like Zaha Hadid, […]

Philipp Eckhoff

Philipp Eckhoff has more than 10 years of experience in design, architecture and project management, and is responsible for concept, storytelling and business management. Philipp Eckhoff started his career as a designer at Alfredo Haeberli. Subsequently he led teams at Sauerbruch Hutton Architects and Selux AG. morean have been working with high-end clients like Zaha […]

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UX for Space: Creating Meaningful Engagement through Data-Driven Design

David and Simon founded CO-Office in New York City with an aim to improve client engagement in the ­project process. Their design approach is bottom-up and not top-down, similar to User Experience design. With an emphasis on collecting quantitative data to support their design intuition, CO-Office proves that good Design is also good business.


LandAid and VU.CITY Team Up to Help Young Homeless in London

Back in January 2018, VU.CITY, who produce highly accurate interactive 3D city models combined a social focus with their efforts to curate models of the future city skylines. Teaming up with LandAid, a charity who aim to end youth homelessness, they agreed to donate to the cause for every model received to promote the donation […]

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