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LandAid and VU.CITY Team Up to Help Young Homeless in London

Back in January 2018, VU.CITY, who produce highly accurate interactive 3D city models combined a social focus with their efforts to curate models of the future city skylines. Teaming up with LandAid, a charity who aim to end youth homelessness, they agreed to donate to the cause for every model received to promote the donation […]


Booming Cities: 6 European Startup Hubs for Architects

Finding the right location for a startup is one of the main factors, which can determine the success of a young business. These 6 European startup hubs are offering amazing programs, mentoring and investment opportunities for archipreneurs. Starting a company can be extremely stressful. Fresh graduates, freelancers and directly employed architects looking to create startups […]


How “Urban Transcripts” Makes Cities by Bringing Together Design, Research & Public Participation

Do you want to get into the heads of the top initiators and performers from the architectural community? If so, we heartily welcome you to “Archipreneur Insights”! In this interview series, we talk to the leaders and key players who have created outstanding work and projects within the fields of architecture, building and development. Get […]

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