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How to Improve Cities through Technology and Design: Miriam Roure’s Urban Future

In this week’s interview meet Miriam Roure. Miriam is the Program Director for MINI at URBAN-X, co-founder of Field, and former Research Fellow at MIT Senseable City Lab. Having earned her MArch II from Harvard and her BArch from Cornell, Miriam Roure has worked as an architect for almost a decade in Barcelona, Rotterdam, Cambridge, […]


5 Largest Tech Incubators and Companies that Target Urbanism

Tech companies are slowly changing the way we work, communicate, do business and travel, but how do they affect our urban environments? It seems that tech incubators and accelerators are starting to directly target cities. Companies like Uber, AirBnB and WeWork already impact our daily lives without deliberately targeting urban conditions. We are witnessing a […]

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