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Inside My Design Mind: Johnston Marklee’s Sharon Johnston on Making New History

Architects Sharon Johnston and Mark Lee make beautiful spaces. An ethereal, milk-white pavilion at the forested edge of the Chilean coast. Seamless California homes balanced impossibly on hillsides. Spectacular exhibition pavilions with edges that could cut diamonds. by Jeff Link The intrigue and clarity of form found in these works, along with recent large-scale projects—the Menil […]


POP-UP Parking Aims to Revolutionize Climate Adaptation in Major Cities

Welcome to our projects series where we present benchmarks of urban living – self developed by architects and creative city makers. This week we want to present you POP-UP parking by architectural office THIRD NATURE. Flooding, parking and lack of green spaces are only few challenges our cities face. And with the climate change we […]


How to Use Placemaking to Create the City of the Future – Marko&Placemakers

Welcome back to “Archipreneur Insights”, the interview series with leaders who are responsible for some of the world’s most exciting and creatively disarming architecture. The series largely follows those who have an architectural degree but have since followed an entrepreneurial or alternative career path but also interviews other key players in the building and development […]


5 Emerging Trends That Will Shape the Future of Architecture

What will the future of architecture look like? We might not be colonizing Mars or living on leafy, man-made space stations any time soon, but some exciting recent architectural trends are giving plenty of reasons to get excited about the future of built environments right here on Earth. Over the last two decades, the construction […]

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