Theresia Kohlmayr

Theresia Kohlmayr




Theresia Kohlmayr is one of the Co-Founder of URBANAUTA and KOHLMAYR LUTTER KNAPP.

URBANAUTS was founded and is run by KOHLMAYR LUTTER KNAPP | OFFICE FOR SYSTEMIC DESIGN, a design agency based in Vienna. Following a post-structuralist perspective, their credo is the creation of systems not buildings.

Articles featuring Theresia Kohlmayr

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The kick off interviewees are three young architects, the founders of Büro KLK from Vienna – Theresia Kohlmayr, Christian Knapp, and Jonathan Lutter. The guys are practicing architecture with their office Büro KLK. But they founded an interesting company (want to start your own practice?) called the URBANAUTS. A hotel business converting empty street-level shops […]

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Three young architects from Vienna have built a new boutique hotel business. They convert empty street-level shops into urban street lofts for travelers. Their start-up URBANAUTS is expanding fast, providing a unique experience for urban travelers. Transforming Cities and Authentic Travel Experience Finding alternative places to stay instead of booking a hotel while visiting a […]

Quotes from Theresia Kohlmayr

  • "One thing that turned out to be a good advice for us is to stay hungry and foolish."
  • "The core skill of this profession is solution- oriented thinking. These conditions form a great opportunity to fulfill the next evolutionary step architecture has to take."
  • "Architecture should still be seen as a liberal or independent profession, the way it was seen at it’s origin."
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