Anna Kenoff

Anna Kenoff

Architect & Co-Creator


New York City

Anna Kenoff is an architect, curator, and a co-creator of Morpholio, a software company that makes mobile design tools for creatives and professionals such as architects and designers. As an architect, Anna Kenoff worked in New York City leading projects for Work Architecture Company, and exhibitions and public programming for Columbia University’s Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture.

Morpholio makes software that reinvents creative processes for architects, designers, artists, engineers, photographers or any imaginative individual. Named in “Top Apps” by Apple as well as featured in Wired, The New York Times, Fast Company, Tech Crunch, USA Today, Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, ABC News, ArchDaily, Metropolis, Dwell and more, Morpholio is both a set of smart tools and a vibrant community.

Articles featuring Anna

How Morpholio Apps Revolutionizes the Creative Design Workflow

This week’s interview is with Anna Kenoff, an architect, curator, and a co-creator of the software company Morpholio. Morpholio was founded by Anna and three more architects who wanted smarter mobile tools for all phases of the design process. From our interview with Jim Keen we already know how amazing architectural illustrations can be by using […]

Quotes from Anna

  • "Because we all knew design culture so well, it was easy to generate ideas about how it might translate into device culture."
  • "It takes the fluidity of hand drawing and merges it with the precision and smart tools of CAD."
  • "But, above all, architects are taught to look at problems differently. When faced with a challenge, we are encouraged to rethink the angle, look at it from a new perspective, maybe even reframe the question in order to propose something that is both smart and novel."
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