Chris Precht

Chris Precht


Studio Precht & Penda

Mountains of Salzburg

Chris Precht is a young architect from Austria and founder of Penda and Studio Precht.

Together with his wife Fei, his team and 2 cats, he is working from a remote place in the mountains of Salzburg.

From there, they are working on projects worldwide, which range from ecological High-rises to Bamboo-buildings.

Chris Precht is an advocate for a new generation of architects that finds meaning in their work and that is a leading voice to design an ecological future.

In our interview Chris Precht shares his thoughts on the shortcomings and opportunities of architecture to help humans connect with nature and combat climate change, insular thinking and consumerism by engaging with the real world.

In the age of Instagram, Precht values authenticity, collaboration and empathy as guiding principles to create good buildings and inspire others to do the same.

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Quotes from Chris

  • "In my mind, two things are certain: The business model of architecture will change and the architectural bubble will burst wide open."
  • "We are trained with a unique skillset that is also needed outside of our industry. We combine business with creativity. We combine history with a future vision. We combine craftsmanship with cutting edge technology. We are strategic dreamers."
  • "The challenges that are ahead of our generation are enormous, but so are the possibilities. In the end, it is up to us to determine the future we want to shape."
  • "As Koolhaas put it, “We are in the business of uniqueness” I think that’s a pretty stupid business model."
  • "Climate change won’t be solved with new technology. It will be solved with empathy, and architecture has a lot to offer here."
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