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Andreas Rauch


Cabin One


Andreas Rauch studied architecture at Graz University of Technology and TU Berlin, graduating in 2011.

He gained his experience as an architect and project manager in various realized projects of industrial buildings and residential buildings of municipal housing associations in Berlin.

Simon Becker and Andreas Rauch are the Designers and Architects of the Cabin One Minimal House as a modular, high-quality serial product to create the future of living.

The minimalist cabin combines highest living quality, nice views and comfort on a small floor plan. The revolutionary minimal house breaks with the conventions of the building industry, which only knows one key figure: square meters

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Quotes from Andreas Rauch

  • "We know that combining the design approach and the construction approach just made the whole product better."
  • "living can be, and it will be, very strongly connected to data in the future."
  • "I can still think as an architect, but I can also think as an entrepreneur."
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