Israel Medina

Israel Medina

Co-founder & VP of Design

Pair Inc

New York City

Israel Medina is Co-founder & VP of Design at Pair Inc, an augmented reality platform that lets users design layouts in real time within their space, at true-scale, and with full freedom of movement. Pair has reached over 20 countries and has helped over a quarter-million users experience design in Augmented Reality (AR). A former architect, Israel Medina’s career spans over 10 years including a range of projects from international urban planning and large scale residential to commercial interiors and 3D animations, university lecturer, and professor of architecture.

While no longer a practicing architect, Israel Medina’s desire is to help the profession continually evolve through innovation in technology and education.

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Quotes from Israel

  • "Even if you don’t have the perfect idea to begin with, having a great team allows you to quickly adapt and continually innovate."
  • "One tip I always try to keep in mind: “Your network is your net worth”."
  • "Being able to show young architects that there are different ways to grow and innovate within their profession, is inherent in every aspect of our company culture and something I believe is necessary if we expect architecture to evolve."
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