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Urban Co-Housing Project on Gap Site Developed by Zanderroth Architects

Welcome to our projects series where we present benchmarks of urban living – self developed by architects and creative city makers. This week we want to present you the apartment building cb19 by Berlin based zanderroth architekten. If you are interested in contemporary housing development and co-housing in Germany you cannot overlook zanderroth architekten. Since they were founded in […]

Applied Innovation Consultancy: How David de Céspedes Co-Founded Superform

Archipreneur Insights is an interview series with experts and entrepreneurs in the field of architecture, building and development, highlighting the creative and unusual operations of their businesses and projects. Considering we’re very deep within the age of technology, we also look at how these community leaders have used alternative methods to achieve their career and […]

Learn to Design and Build Your Architectural Business Model

The rules of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry are changing. Understand what these changes mean for you, and you will always keep one step ahead of the competition. Design your business model, not just your architecture.

Inspiring stories from fellow Archipreneurs

Space as a Service: How Roam is Building a Co-Living Business for Digital Nomads

Do you want to get into the heads of the top initiators and performers from the architectural community? If so, we heartily welcome you to Archipreneur Insights! In this interview series, we talk to the leaders and key players who have created outstanding work and projects within the fields of architecture, building and development. Get […]

The Nightingale Model: A Collaborative Movement for Sustainable, Affordable Housing in the City

Welcome back to Archipreneur Insights, the interview series with leaders who are responsible for some of the world’s most exciting and creatively disarming architecture. The series largely follows those who have an architectural degree but have since followed an entrepreneurial or alternative career path but also interviews other key players in the building and development […]

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Quotes from inspiring people

  • “Just get started, and don’t be afraid because the people who are successful are willing to fail and so you should be too.”


  • “I see a profession that is completely different from the one we know today. Traditional practice is broken – I yearn to see solutions that we can’t even imagine today.”


  • “In the architectural profession we mainly think about solutions, and we constantly challenge how things are normally done. I think that’s a rare quality.”


  • “As architects, we like to think that successful projects come because we have a great idea. But a project’s success is actually down to risk management by a practicing and experienced developer.”


  • “You can sit there and wait for the phone to ring, for a property developer or someone with a lot of money to call you and ask you to build the project that you were born to do. Or you can take some financial risk and do the project that you were born to do.”


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