Kevin Cavenaugh

Kevin Cavenaugh


Guerrilla Development

Portland, OR

Kevin Cavenaugh is a designer and developer from Portland, Oregon. He has created a practice based on the principle of wearing as many hats as possible in the construction of a building. He typically serves as developer, designer, long-term owner and property manager.

He has most recently completed three buildings in Portland neighborhoods that use unconventional materials, exhibit strong environmental sensitivity, and bring lively uses to the street. By serving as his own developer, he can decide which risks he wants to take. By owning the buildings after they are complete, he brings the discipline of reasonable operating costs to the design process. And by serving as the property manager, he generates feedback for his future development/design projects.

His buildings includes such innovations as a well that brings water from 300 below ground (thus requiring less energy to heat it and cool it), an edible green roof that will serve as a food source for the fourth floor restaurant in the building, an arcade to reflect other buildings in the neighborhood, and sliding window-shading panels designed by 26 different artists.

As a fellow, Kevin Cavenaugh studied urban planning principles, especially the regulatory framework that tends to dampen innovative ideas, and landscape architecture.

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Quotes from Kevin Cavenaugh

  • "I would like to see architects be less passive in their roles and with their profession."
  • "I am at my best when I use my right brain and my left brain equally. Architecture school hones both of these hemispheres in a way that’s not common in other professions."
  • "Because I enjoy the experimentation more than anything I have found that I cannot have clients."
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