Gunita Kuļikovska

Gunita Kuļikovska




Gunita Kuļikovska is strategic designer with a background in architecture and urbanism. She is one of Forbes’ “30 under 30” young talents and a TEDxRiga 2016 speaker.

Together with her team, Gunita Kuļikovska is developing VIVIDLY; an innovative VR software and one of the first solutions in the world to be able to harness the power of virtual technology and offer a stepping stone for progress in the architecture, urban planning and construction industry. VIVIDLY will also be a finalist in the Creative Business Cup, due to take place in Copenhagen in November.

For the third Tallinn Architecture Biennale in 2015, Gunita initiated the project and exhibition World without Architect? with a team of young architects and tech professionals. In the exhibition, visitors could virtually build a simple house, place it in a neighborhood, customize the properties of the building and finally print their designs from a 3D printer.

Strongly believing in the revolutionary power of VR technologies for the AEC industry, Gunita founded Go VR Studio, a company developing professional applications of virtual reality in architecture and engineering to help in decision-making, cost saving measures and creating spectacular architectural experiences. And, just as an example what the app is capable of, you can check out the Great Amber Concert Hall in Liepaja, Latvia, available in VR since today!

VIVIDLY is based on the know-how of the archi-tech (architecture&technology) lab Go VR Studio, which experiments with new technology applications in the architecture & construction industry.

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Quotes from Gunita Kuļikovska

  • "I believe VR is more than technology – it is a new medium. It will transform every industry, just as the Internet did."
  • "Architects have so much potential to be innovators. 3D applications, multiple layers of information and human-centric designs – it brings with it a purely personal feel and one that creates a solid ground on which to build."
  • "And one last thing – your business venture develops together with your personality – the stronger you get, the better gets your business. Focus, discipline, and determination."
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