Will Hunter

Will Hunter

Founder & Director

London School of Architecture (LSA)


Will Hunter was trained as an architect at the Bartlett, University College London and at the Royal College of Art. After five years at The Architectural Review, he stepped down as executive editor in February 2015 to focus on setting up the LSA.

Will has contributed to many titles including Wallpaper*, Blueprint and the Financial Times, and has previously been editor of the monthly magazines of The Architects’ Journal and Building Design.

He has taught architecture at both London Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art, at the latter as a design unit master and chair of the architecture school’s public lecture programme. He has judged numerous competitions, including the Global Architecture Graduate Awards (which he founded) and the RIBA President’s Medals dissertation prize.

Will Hunter was the creative director for the RIBA conference Guerilla Tactics 2014 and is currently editing a monograph on Peter Salter’s Walmer Yard housing project in west London (AA Publications).

The new London School of Architecture (LSA), which proposes a different type of educational enterprise. The LSA wants to make architectural education more affordable, with emphasis on ‘real world practice’ and preparing talented graduates for tackling the vast changes that the architectural profession is currently undergoing.

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Quotes from Will Hunter

  • "Architects have a huge contribution to make to the world in the 21st century – particularly in shaping how we can live sustainably and happily within ever-denser cities and within the Earth’s resources."
  • "Traditional practice is too big a terrain to concede and I’d really like to see that as one of the biggest opportunities for up-and-coming architects."
  • "Put at its simplest, our discipline is the one most capable of synthesising complex forms of information into beautiful and functional spaces and places."
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