Sherif Abdelmohsen

Sherif Abdelmohsen



Cairo, Egypt

Sherif Abdelmohsen has over 18 years of professional experience in architecture. He holds a PhD degree in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA (2011).

He is currently Associate Professor of Digital Media and Design Computing at the Department of Architecture at the American University in Cairo, Egypt.

Sherif Abdelmohsen teaches design studios and courses related to design computing, and has extensive publications in the area of BIM, parametric design, and responsive architecture, with over 40 journal and conference papers.

He is one of four co-founders of BIMMUNITY.

BIMMUNITY is a cloud-based system aimed at empowering those concerned with the efficient management of the built environment. BIMMUNITY builds upon the merger of several intertwined concepts and constituents that shape its unique integrated nature, including building information modeling (BIM), geographic information systems (GIS), and database and server technology, in order to manage the built environment that involves multiple stakeholders and vast amounts of data and complex operations.

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Quotes from Sherif

  • "Using the analytical power of both BIM and GIS, all stakeholders can better understand the issues and impacts of their decisions."
  • "In my view, BIM will become so entangled into the profession that it will become harder for practitioners to even perceive it as unique or revolutionary."
  • "what is crucial is to first understand what it really means to adopt BIM in an architectural firm, which is not by the way just about hiring BIM software gurus, and purchasing and using the relevant BIM software."
  • "BIM should be embraced as both a tool and a process."
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