Pascal Babey

Pascal Babey




Pascal Babey is one of the Co-Founders of Archilogic and AERO architects.

The Archilogic founders studied together at the ETH in Zurich and started AERO architects after graduating from uni. In 2014 they founded and combind their knowledge in architecture with technology to bring the physical and the virtual world together. They recently closed a $1.5 million round from angle investors in order to grow and scale their business.

Archilogic combines deep knowledge of architecture, design, 3D workflows, computer vision and coding to create visually stunning and powerful 3D interiors in the web – for everyone, anywhere, anytime. Go to places that no longer exist, that don’t exist yet and everything else in between.

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Quotes from Pascal Babey

  • "The knowledge about buildings, space, construction, typologies, history and representation of architecture are of huge value."
  • "Just start! You will learn the rest on the road. Also, prototype a lot and ask everyone what they think about your work. As an architect you probably are used to get critique, you probably even rely on it."
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