Miriam Roure

Miriam Roure

Program Director


New York City

Miriam Roure is passionate about improving cities through technology and design. She is the Program Director at URBAN-X – an accelerator founded by MINI in partnership with Urban Us dedicated to investing and supporting urban technologies. She is also the co-founder of the digital placemaking consulting firm Field and is part of the founding team of Deeds by The Social Coin.

Previously, Miriam Roure worked at MIT Senseable City Lab, a research laboratory dedicated to exploring the future of cities from a data and sensor-based technology perspective. Trained as an architect and an urban planner, she also worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture in Rotterdam and at Mateo Arquitectura in Barcelona.

Miriam Roure has been invited to speak at a number of venues including CES, Smart City World Congress, Ignite Talks Barcelona, the Architecture Boston Expo, the European Lab Forum, amongst others and was a guest at 8TV with Josep Cuní.

Miriam holds degrees from Harvard University (MArchII) and Cornell University (BArch), and her work has been published in Passatges, A+U, FRAME, Dezeen, Archinect and other online platforms.

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Quotes from Miriam

  • "It became apparent to me that as much as we shape what we create, what we create also shapes us."
  • "URBAN-X strives to create these ecosystems while being selective of the kinds of technologies we think have the greatest potential of improving urban living."
  • "I would dare architects not to build. The future of the practice of architecture needs to get closer to the tools, the technologies, the environment, and the market."
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