Presenting Graypants’ Latest Product Line: Chronalights

Published on May 9, 2017 | by Archipreneur
Graypants Chronalights
Welcome to our projects series where we present design products, productized architectural design services and software solutions created by architects. This week we want to present you Chronalights, the latest product creation by the architect duo Graypants.

Graypants is a team of problem solvers bridging the gap between art and design. With studios in Seattle and Amsterdam, they design and create architecture, products, lighting and custom installations around the world.

We recently spoke with Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker, founders of Graypants, for an interview for Archipreneur Insights about productizing designs, successfully selling them and establishing their brand.

Now they have just launched their latest product line Chronalights at Euroluce at the Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 and we want to present it to you.

Mimicking the gaseous envelope found around stars, these elegant pendants create a luminous glow through spun brass and acrylic diffusers – light reflecting light.

A series of dish pendants comprises the first release in the Chronalight collection. With a variety of configurations in both horizontal and vertical orientations, dish pendants can be clustered together to make stunning constellation or individually hung to accentuate any space. Thin, yet robust, the debut pendants are available in diameters ranging from 14–43 cm.

Graypants Chronalights

All images: © Graypants

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