Viviane Hülsmeier

Viviane Hülsmeier




Viviane Hülsmeier studied and taught architecture at Princeton University and TU Berlin, and she has worked with architecture firms Stephen Williams Associates, Sauerbruch Hutton and Barkow Leibinger.

Viviane Hülsmeier established CoPlannery in 2016 and cares about urbanism, digital transformation, the future of work and equality.

CoPlannery is a one-stop shop platform for planning and construction services that supports clients and planners. Through artificial intelligence, CoPlannery can quickly assess the requirements and needs of a client regarding any construction project.

The CoPlannery team identified two main problems in the planning and construction industry with regard to the split:

On the client side, starting a construction project is extremely difficult because the market is highly specialized and, therefore, very difficult for outsiders to grasp. And clients often have no idea where to begin or find help. Building is complex and extremely expensive. On top of that, clients are often misunderstood, and that can mistranslate throughout all phases of the project, making for an extremely expensive error.

Based on collected data, CoPlannery can match its clients with specially curated teams of independent planning experts as well as custom finance and insurance solutions. Throughout this process, CoPlannery provides clients with an online infrastructure that has intelligent tools for managing workflow, payments and contract management. So, many elements of the project’s management can take place online.


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Quotes from Viviane Hülsmeier

  • "I asked myself whether my contribution to the field could be different, perhaps more impactful and future-oriented…I decided to create my own dream job and start CoPlannery."
  • "We want to make the planning and construction process much easier for all parties."
  • "My advice is to also be courageous, and to accept risk. Both success and failure should be embraced as an opportunity for personal and professional growth."
  • "Building a company sometimes feels like you’re planning a building."
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