Sandeep Ahuja

Sandeep Ahuja



Atlanta, Georgia

Sandeep Ahuja is the co-founder of cost and energy optimization software cove.tool, Inc. and has worked with a variety of clients in academic, hospitality, healthcare and corporate spheres.

She is pioneering the integration of energy analysis into the design and construction process. She recently won the Atlanta 30 Under 30 Award for developing cove.tool, a unique methodology to optimize for cost in sustainable buildings.

As a building performance specialist, Sandeep Ahuja specializes in informing performance-related building decisions in careful consideration of cost.

cove.tool as a software product grew from tools and processes developed over the years by Pattern r+d, a sustainability consulting firm run by co-founders Patrick Chopson and Sandeep Ahuja (both building scientists and architects).

As they worked on high profile projects with many stakeholders thay saw the need for a decision-making tool which could convey options for cost and energy savings in an easy-to-understand graphical format. The first version of cove.tool was born.

Articles featuring Sandeep

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cove.tool is a software product grown and developed by Pattern r+d, a sustainability consulting firm led by building scientists and architects Patrick Chopson and Sandeep Ahuja. From their vast experience working on high profile projects with complex stakeholder groups, they identified the need for a decision-making tool which could assess options for cost and energy […]

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Cove.Tool Closes Seed Round to Automate Sustainable Building Design

Adoption by leading architecture and engineering firms indicates high demand for saving money on buildings. Atlanta-based Cove.Tool, an energy efficiency automation platform for the building industry, has closed a $750K seed round from Urban Us, Tech Square Labs, Knoll Ventures and more to focus on their next stage of growth. The building industry typically makes decisions […]

Products featuring Sandeep

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Quotes from Sandeep

  • "The product evolved slowly from a consulting agreement to a software solution, so our first clients came right to us."
  • "I feel it needs to be all more automated."
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