Ryan King

Ryan King

Founder & CEO



Ryan King is the founder and CEO of Coincraft, a practice and project management service for architectural businesses.

Coincraft is a service that helps architectural practices to analyze and manage their projects and business. You can forecast your cash flows, project budgets and track time to overview your project cost. A product which definitely fills a gap in the business of architecture environment.

Ryan King has been worked for a few architecture practices over the last couple years. Previously working in graphic design, and a hobbyist programmer, Ryan handles a bit of everything in Coincraft, overseeing business strategy, product management and branding. He sees Coincraft as an opportunity to combine his many interests and significantly improve how architectural practices are run.


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Quotes from Ryan King

  • "If you’re starting a business you should give it your full attention. It’s a risk, but the reward is much greater than never trying in the first place."
  • "The two biggest problems I see facing architects in the future are firstly becoming more of a necessary industry and secondly making architecture more accessible to the general public."
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