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Philipp Eckhoff




Philipp Eckhoff has more than 10 years of experience in design, architecture and project management, and is responsible for concept, storytelling and business management. Philipp Eckhoff started his career as a designer at Alfredo Haeberli. Subsequently he led teams at Sauerbruch Hutton Architects and Selux AG.

morean have been working with high-end clients like Zaha Hadid, Snohetta, UN Studio and Sauerbruch Hutton to translate their architectural designs into superb 3D films. Their services also include visualizing work for developers and creating product presentations for companies like Zumtobel.

Many people say that virtual reality is the future for creatively envisioning architecture and real estate developments. But what is especially unique about morean’s approach is the emotional driving force behind each project.

Their films are not just simulated flights through 3D models. Each of their animations tells a moving story that has stemmed from a carefully thought-out plot. This is how their animations touch the people watching them – there are times when you’ll feel a shiver of excitement down your spine … And this appeal to emotion is exactly how you win over clients.

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Quotes from Philipp Eckhoff

  • "You will finally find the clients you can serve best and the projects that suit you."
  • "We discovered creating high-class animations of trend-setting architecture and product design is an artistic endeavor that not many people are really good at."
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