Michael Kohn

Michael Kohn

Founder & CEO



Michael Kohn is founder and CEO of Stickyworld Ltd, a visual customer collaboration platform that makes it easy for organizations to involve wide groups of people in making better products, services, buildings, places and cities together.

Michael had been working as an architect in London when he realized that there was a need for a better and easier collaboration between stakeholders in the process of building. He created Stickyworld, a web- and mobile-based tool that enables projects to be shared, commented on and posted with virtual sticky notes attached directly to the images. The tool makes it easier for everyone to understand the discussion at hand, as well as to capture and evidence new insights from participants during the design and construction process.

Founded in 2010, Stickyworld has attracted a growing number of customers from local government, energy and utilities, construction, architecture and design sectors. The concept evolved from a simple collaboration app using virtual post-it notes, into a powerful consultation and feedback software designed to support a wide number of project engagement and feedback use cases across multiple industries. We see a future where timely and more informed contributions from stakeholders will lead to more customer-centric outcomes that everyone involved owns and feels proud of.

A former architect, Michael Kohn’s career spans 20 years including award-winning concept design work, administration of multi-million pound construction projects, university research and lecturing, and collaborative technology.

Whilst Michael Kohn is no longer a practicing architect he likes to think that his work is contributing positively to a more user-centered design of the real world and his company has big growth plans for 2017.

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Quotes from Michael Kohn

  • "There was an understanding that there was a big untapped market for technologies that involved those wider groups."
  • "Stickyworld gives a little bit more transparency to the types of issues that architects are grappling with. Because design is not a black and white thing, is it? It’s a negotiation."
  • "Just because you started out as an architect doesn’t mean that you have to finish as an architect."
  • "Why be constrained by the traditional norms of practice and what people told you architects should be? You have to redefine it in order to stay current and get the clients and customers you want."
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