Michael Kilkelly

Michael Kilkelly



Middletown, CT

Michael Kilkelly is an architect who operates at the intersection of design and technology. He is the founder of Space Command, a design and technology firm in Middletown, CT. He has extensive experience on diverse, large-scale projects including sporting arenas, residential towers and performance halls. Equally versed as a technologist, he has built numerous database and web applications as well as custom software to support the design process.

Michael is also the founder of ArchSmarter, a website dedicated to helping architects work smarter, not harder. Work smarter, not harder – this is the great slogan of Michael’s website ArchSmarter, founded in 2014. His goal is to help architects and designers work more productively by leveraging technology and so increase efficiency. The site provides high-quality content on productivity, software customization and product reviews.His writing on design and technology appears regularly in ArchDaily and ARCHITECT magazine.

Prior to founding his firm in 2012, Michael worked for a number of internationally recognized design firms. As an associate at Gehry Partners in Los Angeles, Michael worked on the New York by Gehry residential tower, the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Museum, and the Joyce Theater in New York City.

Michael Kilkelly received his Bachelor of Architecture from Norwich University in 1995 and his Master of Science in Design and Computation from MIT in 1999.

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Quotes from Michael Kilkelly

  • "I’ve always been interested in the intersection of architecture and technology."
  • "I think every architect should develop their voice and their viewpoint using whatever channel works for them. It could be a blog, or Twitter, or publishing videos. The important thing is to produce."
  • "Learn to sell something, anything. You’ll never learn more about what it takes to run a business than when you put yourself out there and make an offering."
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