Maria Ruiz Pardo

Founder & Director

Atelier MEL


After earning her architecture degree in Barcelona, Maria Ruiz Pardo practiced in Spanish studios for several years before pivoting to pursue a career in product design and business management.

After earning a Master in Architectural Management and Design at IE School of Architecture and Design in Madrid and the Royal College of Art in London, Maria founded Atelier MEL in 2013 where she works as director and lead designer.

At Atelier MEL, Maria Ruiz Pardo has assembled a multidisciplinary team of design professionals who work at the intersection of artistry and digital design technology to create exclusive art installations.

Based in Barcelona and Cartagena, Atelier MEL are now developing projects which juxtapose cutting-edge design tools with a rich understanding of traditional craftsmanship worldwide.

Articles featuring Maria

Traditional Crafts In the Digital Age: Dazzling Artworks by Atelier MEL

Atelier MEL is devoted to the creation of unique artworks at the intersection of artistry and digital design technology. Based in Spain, Maria Ruiz Pardo leads a talented team of digital designers, engineers, architects and artisans to collaborate on installations showcasing traditional artisanship and the potential of cutting edge design and fabrication tools.

The Archipreneur Report #02 is out now

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Products featuring Maria

Report #02

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Step-by-Step Strategy
KPI’s: Metrics for Success

For the Archipreneur Insights issue 02, we have assembled another interesting mix of stories, case studies and articles surrounding the future of the architecture in our cities.

Quotes from Maria

  • "I wanted to learn what we were able to do with the material… I wanted to understand its potential."
  • "Today, we acquire most of our clients from social networks like Pinterest and Instagram."
  • "Surround yourself with those who complement you and those who can help make a project grow. The team is much more important than the idea"
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