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Jim Keen


Jim Keen Illustrations

New York City

Jim Keen is an award winning architect who worked for Grimshaw Architects and KPF in London, Sydney and New York. After twenty years in the profession he switched to pursue a career in illustration and literature.

He has perfected a style of visual communication so effective that Apple commissioned art work from him to promote their new iPad Pro. This clear line style communicates the design intent instantly without the excessive detail computer renderings are forced to provide. This enable the client to focus on the design and space instead of details.

Jim Keen has written three novels, the third of which, “The Streets and The Skies,”  is due out next year.

Articles featuring Jim

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Quotes from Jim

  • "Renderings have become so overused they no longer have any impact. Clients are bored of them and the same old presentations give the same old results."
  • "Like minimal architecture minimal illustrations take far more work than throwing everything possible into the image."
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