Anne Graupner

Anne Graupner


26’10 South Architects


Anne Graupner co-founded 26’10 south Architects in 2004 together with Thorsten Deckler.

26’10 south Architects (say twenty-six ten) was named after the latitude of Johannesburg by founders Anne Graupner and Thorsten Deckler. Back in 2004 this was a clear commitment to one of the most dynamic and challenging cities in the world. Shaped by a succession of repressive regimes, we wanted to play a part in its transformation into a more democratic and humane city. Fifteen years on and 26’10 has built key infrastructure and institutional projects, over 2000 subsidized houses and has initiated a number of events, exhibitions and publications on current themes in architecture and urbanism.

With the awareness of this reality Thorsten Deckler and Anne Graupner set themselves the task to use the formal, material and detail aspects of architecture to maximize the social potential of their projects within this context.

Their built output is informed by a curatorial practice which allows them to document their projects and their context as case-studies aimed at shifting the discourse around architecture into a more direct relationship with society.

26’10 South Architects is continuing to pursue built work which is pragmatically suited to its local context and the practice is in the process of transitioning into a property agency with the view of developing its own projects.

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Quotes from Anne Graupner

  • "We don’t behave like ‘experts’ delivering solutions, but treat people as intelligent partners in a process that we professionally engage in."
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