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Alexis Dornier


Alexis Dornier


Alexis Dornier was born in Germany in 1981, where he grew up under the constant influence of aviation and engineering.

After exploring the fields of PR and Advertising, he studied Architecture at the University of Fine Arts Berlin and the Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan in Stockholm. He worked in New York City as an architectural designer at Asymptote Architecture, OMA NY, and REX in 2004–2007.

Alexis started his industrial design firm M AD LIMITED in 2008 and graduated with his thesis entitled The Pool, which was awarded the prestigious Max Taut Prize 2009.

Alexis Dornier has completed a number of projects in Bali and around the world, among others the co-living space Roam and other hospitality projects that he not only designs but also develops and part owns. He is also consulting on a number of architectural projects of different scales in various countries. He part owns a number of startup businesses and projects in the field of hospitality.

The philosophy of his architectural practice is to combine and reformulate design methods for each architectural design task. An (architectural) task is its own case, its own matter, problem and affair. A set of rules forms a logical, explanatory and comprehensive design narrative that leads to efficiency and a strong expression of our built environments.

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Quotes from Alexis Dornier

  • "Architecture, just like any creative discipline, is ultimately a form of communication."
  • "As architects, we have learned to be systematical. We have learned to provide a service but are also interested in using architecture as an individual outlet or medium to manifest our own agendas."
  • "Architects should be writing pieces of music, rather than creating another variation on the Barcelona Pavilion or some other unnecessary knock-off. They should liberate themselves, look beyond the immobility of the profession and start having a little fun. Crisis is good. It’s a wake up call."
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