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Albrecht von Alvensleben studied architecture under Zaha Hadid in Vienna and at Cooper Union in New York. He has worked for architecture studios in London, New York and Berlin, and is also a dedicated photographer. A large body of Albrecht’s work has been published and exhibited.

Albrecht is the founder of Bullenberg – A young furniture label from Berlin. With wood from their own forest, they manufacture custom, artfully designed furniture for design savvy people.

All of our products are made exclusively of oak from these local forests in Saxony-Anhalt. Bullenberg is defined by the beauty and strength of wood as a material, architectural design and integrity, and the fundamental commitment to local manufacturing. Each piece of furniture is crafted individually and is therefore entirely customizable.

We began in 2013, when a mutual friend was looking for a solid oak table top for his Kreuzberg home. Everything that was available in Berlin was too inconvenient and expensive. So, Albrecht suggested that he could supply this friend with some oak from  the von Alvensleben forest – with success. At that point, it occurred to us that we could be designing and manufacturing tables ourselves.

Albrecht and Max design and manufacture handcrafted wooden tables out of oak wood, taken from the forest of the von Alvensleben family in Saxony-Anhalt, 200 km west of Berlin. The manufacturing process is very personal to the two architects: they carefully select each tree before processing them into logs. Everyone involved in the production is located within a 15 km radius, thus ensuring that each table has been individually crafted and can be entirely customizable.

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Quotes from Albrecht von Alvensleben

  • "You should not be afraid of trying to make things yourself, even if some things don’t turn out so well. You can always build on and revise what you have created."
  • "We said that we want to try everything in business for ourselves at least once. That’s also important in order to see how much effort it takes and better assess what we really do need to outsource in the future."
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