Declan Keefe

Declan Keefe

Strategic Director



Declan Keefe is a founding member of Placetailor, and is a current owner as well. As the strategic director, he keeps the company in order and oversees all of Placetailor’s projects.

If you are interested in Placetailor helping you with a project, Declan would be the guy to talk to.  Declan Keefe is LEED AP, a certified passive house consultant, and like everyone at Placetailor, he is a designer as well as a builder.

Placetailor developed from a design/build company to a company that offers design, development and construction – or, as Declan calls it, a plug and play business model.

Declan has a lot of experience in finding land, getting projects off the ground and placemaking and is happy to share his expertise step by step with you! His marketing strategies go beyond websites and business cards and could be rather called a philosophy than a strategy.

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Quotes from Declan

  • "I think that’s the process of placemaking: connection to the community and a collaboration internally."
  • "Because if we’re too caught up in the fact that we are making it just for the sake of making a building, we’re not looking at the potential positive impact we can have on the world. We’re setting in stone something for hundreds of years potentially that isn’t what we really want to represent as people."
  • "But when you start to have control, it really means you need to have your moral code in the right place so that you yourself make the decisions that are right for the future generations."
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