Adi Biran

Adi Biran

Founder + CEO


Tel Aviv

Adi Biran is an accomplished architect, lecturer, and entrepreneur working in Israel and New York, where she owned her own architecture and consulting firm. She brings her creativity, business development and research skills to Splacer. Adi Biran holds a B.Arch. Degree from the Pratt Institute of Architecture and a Master’s in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University, both with the highest honors.

Airbnb turned homes into hotels; Splacer transforms undiscovered and underutilized spaces into event venues. As architects, Lihi and Adi understand the power that space can have. With their platform, they want to improve the way that we use and share spaces, promoting a more sustainable model of urban life. They envision a world where beautiful spaces never go to waste and can be a part of a sharing community.

Splacer is a movement of technologists, architects and influencers that strongly believe in disrupting the way people have access to undiscovered and idle places in order to create experiences and meaningful events. We enable space owners to bring motion to their spaces and monetize them.

The result? A hyper lively urban scene where people can create unique experiences for their guests, brand followers, employees or group of friends, having access to a diverse range of places that were never visible to them before.

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Quotes from Adi Biran

  • "Architecture must be responsive to local environments and needs, and architects need to better use technology, as it opens new worlds for planning and building our surroundings and is an enabler of good design."
  • "Find the best team members to build your business with and, most importantly, – don’t be afraid to dare and enjoy what you do."
  • "Think of technology as a new tool for planning and building your surroundings. Be persistent and don’t give up on your dreams."
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