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3D Printing Architecture,
Future of Education &
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What’s inside issue 03

In the Archipreneur Insights Issue 03 we explore 3D printing in architecture with features about the design-driven tech companies Aectual from Amsterdam and 3F Studio from Munich. Both focus on digitally printed architectural products. Aectual founder Hans Vermeulen shares insights about how the company generates tools that enable architects to bring customizable and sustainable architecture to their customers. Mass customization is also a central topic of Berlin-based startup Cabin One, which developed a 25 square meter minimal, modular and mobile house as a new way of flexible living.

The featured architect-founders in this issue reflect the substantial changes in the fields of architecture and design due to globalization, rapid urbanization and technology. Martha Thorne, Dean of IE School of Architecture and Design and Executive Director of the Pritzker Prize shares her thoughts on the future of architectural education and the changing role of architects. Archibiz founders Ray Brown and Bec Kempster break down their top 3 tools for running a successful architecture business today, and Bryon McCartney shares strategies to improve and convert your firm’s website to attract the clients you want.

Opportunities are growing for architect-developers too. Carmen Panadero, Director of the Master of Real Estate Development at IE University also shares her thoughts on the Real Estate Industry in times of digital transformation. In an interview with Jonathan Tate, Founder of OJT, learn about his successes developing his own projects in New Orleans using alternative financing models.


  • The Future of Architectural Education & The Pritzker Prize in a Globalized World
  • Minimal, Modular & Mobile: Cabin One is a New Way of Flexible Living
  • Digitally Printed Products: Bringing Tailor-Made Design to Everyone
  • Business Skills for Architects: What They Don’t Teach You in School
  • Injecting Creativity: Bringing Architectural Imagination to Life
  • From Research to Reality: Recyclable, 3D Printed Facades
  • Real Estate in the Digital Age: An Industry in Transition
  • Why Most Architecture Firm Websites Suck (and how to fix them)

What You’ll Learn…

Here are some of the things that you will learn from the content in Archipreneur Insights Issue 03:

  • Why architects need to think beyond building design and instead foster an entrepreneurial spirit to innovate in the built environment.
  • Learn the key skills and criteria that attract the Pritzker jury, and find out how the approval process takes place.
  • Cabin One founder’s opinion on balancing architectural and entrepreneurial thinking about how we might live in the future, and the importance of embracing technology now.
  • How DUS architects built their own large 3D printer to create digitally printed architectural products.
  • How the Aectual founders transitioned into product and process design, identifying valuable marketplaces for growth, new opportunities for innovative and sustainable materials.
  • The key difference between being a technician and being a leader.
  • Learn the top 3 tools for running a successful architecture business today.
  • How Jonathan Tate used alternative financing models to develop his own projects, while maintaining his architectural practice.
  • Insights about how he led the first equity crowdfunded project in the U.S.
  • How designers can “inject creativity” and create new and meaningful opportunities in the built environment.
  • How three architect-founders created a company that delivers 3D printed multifunctional, sustainable façades, as a result of that research endeavor.
  • Why technological advancement will help to resolve present challenges and change the way we build and live.
  • Learn about one of the most important digital marketing tools an architecture firm can utilise to attract leads and grow their business.
  • …and much more!

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Learn from innovative experts who shape the future of the built environment with their projects. Find out how they built businesses and benefit from their experiences.

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