Archipreneur Insights 02
Report #02

Built Environment Innovation
Step-by-Step Strategy
KPI’s: Metrics for Success

Get to know the latest business & tech innovation in the AEC industry

The Archipreneur Insights Issue #02 focuses on new trends, business and tech innovation within the AEC industry. We are featuring innovators from architecture, design, construction and academia who explore the impacts of emerging technology, new business models and expanding opportunities for practice within the architecture industry and the built environment.

For this issue, we have assembled another interesting mix of stories, case studies and articles surrounding the future of the architecture in our cities. The expanding role of practice is a relevant topic for both young and established professionals around the globe. Our expert contributors from the world of design, technology, construction and development have all found their own path of innovating for themselves and within their business.

What’s inside

  • Innovating Experiences: Defining the Future of Urban Retail Design (INTERVIEW)
  • Survival > Sustainability > Success: How to Take Your Practice to the Next Level (HOW-TO)
  • Traditional Crafts In the Digital Age: Dazzling Artworks by Atelier MEL (INTERVIEW)
  • Transforming Practice: Chris Precht Represents a New Generation of Design Entrepreneurs (INTERVIEW)
  • A Laboratory for Design: LAVA’s Research-Based Approach for Building Innovation (INTERVIEW)
  • Good Design is Good Business (OPINION)
  • Design Tools for Sustainable Building: Cove.Tool Automates Energy Optimizations (INTERVIEW)
  • Beyond BIM: Architects Create a Wider Building Management Tool (INTERVIEW)
  • Outdated Job Market: A New Way of Connecting Talent and Companies in the Built Environment (INTERVIEW)
  • Metrics for Success: How Architects Should Measure Business Growth (RESEARCH)
  • Automating Construction: Improving On-Site Logistics through Robotics and Data Analytics (INTERVIEW)

What You’ll Learn…

Here are some of the things that you will learn from the content in this issue:

  • Chris Prechts’ thoughts for a new generation of architects.
  • How an architect built a company at the intersection of artistry and digital design tech.
  • How landscape architect Martin Barry successfully developed an urban retail market.
  • Valuable insights on how to build a sustainable strategy for design practices.
  • How award-winning international practice LAVA created a design process for the future.
  • How two architects founded a software startup that automates energy optimizations.
  • How to embrace creativity in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Get to know a new platform that connects architects with potential employers.
  • How a new cloud-based BIM system empowers efficiency management in the built environment.
  • Learn about the key metrics to successfully manage and grow your architecture business.
  • …and much more!

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Learn from innovative experts who shape the future of the built environment with their projects. Find out how they built businesses and benefit from their experiences.

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Archipreneur Insights 02
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