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Report #01

Sensors for Cities
Architects as Inventors
UX for Space

Emerging Technology, New Business Models and Expanding Opportunities

The AEC industry is on the cusp of a technological transformation which will reshape its future. Over recent decades, the traditionally structured attitude of the architecture and building industry has stunted its growth and natural tendency to explore new territory as innovative thinkers and city shapers.

The Archipreneur Insights issue #1 focuses on new trends, business and tech innovation within the AEC industry. We are featuring innovators from architecture, design, construction and academia who explore the impacts of emerging technology, new business models and expanding opportunities for practice within the architecture industry and the built environment.

In our first issue we present several founders and industry leaders who are paving new ways of professional practice which creatively combine their architectural skillset with intersecting fields. This leads to interesting combinations such as Architecture + Technology, Data + Design, Research + Entrepreneurship, Architecture + Development, Architecture + Building Products, and this is where innovation occurs, at the overlap of intersecting fields.

What’s inside

  • INTERVIEW – Architects as Inventors: Building a Product from Concept to Market
  • CASE STUDY – The Social Reactor: How KOGAA Transformed a Factory Into Their Own Creative Hub
  • RESEARCH – What Architecture Can Adopt from User Experience Design
  • INTERVIEW – UX for Space: Creating Meaningful Engagement through Data-Driven Design
  • INTERVIEW – Sensors for Cities: Ben van Berkel Explores Technology-Integrated Urban Design
  • AWARD – Top 10 Emerging Architecture Practices of 2018
  • INTERVIEW – Design for Life: How to Balance Your Creative Practice
  • HOW-TO – Taking The Leap: Practical Steps for Starting Your Own Practice
  • RESEARCH – How Architectural Thinking and Research Collaboration Brings Value to Creative Industries
  • RESEARCH – Thinking Ahead: Towards An Expanded Understanding of Design

What You’ll Learn…

Here are some of the things that you will learn from the content in this report:

  • How two architects created a company by inventing an innovative building product.
  • Why Ben van Berkel started a tech company to explore sensor technology for cities.
  • How 3 architects developed their own creative hub which cross-finances their architecture business.
  • What you can learn from UX design for your architecture practice.
  • Strategies to balance your design business.
  • Practical steps to start a lean architecture practice.
  • How an architecture research incubator helps companies through architectural thinking.
  • How architects can create business ideas by developing an expanded understanding of design
  • …and much more!

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Report Topics

Architect as DeveloperArchitectureEntrepreneurshipTechnologyUX Design

Expert Case Studies in this Issue

Learn from innovative experts who shape the future of the built environment with their projects. Find out how they built businesses and benefit from their experiences.

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Archipreneur Insights 01
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