Report 01 | Q4 2018

Exploring the Future of Architecture and the Building Industry

A new digital architecture resource, focusing on business growth, technology and truly creative practice.

  • Business advice and insights from founders and leaders
  • Features on integrating the newest technology into practice
  • In-depth project case studies from around the globe

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Sensors for Cities: Ben van Berkel Explores Technology-Integrated Urban Design

Ben van Berkel provides inspiring insights about founding UNSense, his new ArchTech start-up on sensorial technologies for future cities.
Startup Story

Architects as Inventors:
Building a Product from Concept to Market

Learn how Flissade architect-founders developed a revolutionary new facade product.

UX for Space:
Creating Meaningful Engagement through Data-Driven Design

CO-Office from New York uses quantitative data to drive design solutions for clients.
Case Study

The Social Reactor:
How KOGAA Transformed a Factory Into Their Own Creative Hub

How three architects developed an old distillery into a creative multi-use space that cross-finances their practice.

Design for Life:
How to Balance Your Creative Practice

Biba Dow describes the start of her London-based practice and the guiding principles that make it all work.

How Architectural Thinking and Research Collaboration Brings Value to Creative Industries

The Architectural Research Incubator of TU Munich connects businesses with researchers to spark innovation.

Taking The Leap:
Practical Steps for Starting Your Own Practice

A concise guide and checklist for founding your own design practice.

Thinking Ahead: Towards An Expanded Understanding of Design

Jerónimo van Schendel's views on the future of architecture and the built environment in the face of technological innovation.

What Architecture Can Adopt from User Experience Design

Can architects take an agile approach to building design?
  • “The digital revolution is driving change in every part of our lives and it’s now time for the built environment to catch up.”
    Ben van Berkel
    Founder of UNSense
  • "Our view is you can learn from everything. We saw everything as a potential way to develop our language and to build up our experiences."
    Biba Dow
    Co-Founder & Director of Dow Jones Architects
  • "You can't deny the collaborative and the productive value of having other minds think about the same problem."
    David Zhai
    Co-Founder of CO-Office
  • "When you're studying architecture...No one tells you how to make money."
    Daniel Hoheneder
    Co-Founder of Flissade
  • "The core asset of architects is the ability to solve complex problems with their skillset.”
    Christos Chantzaras
    Architectural Research Incubator | TUM

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Read about founders and entrepreneurs from the AEC industry.
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Ben van Berkel
Biba Dow
Founder & Director
Dow Jones Architects
Daniel & Lisbeth
Alex, Tomas & Viktor
David Zhai
Simon McGown

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