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Philipp Eckhoff

Philipp Eckhoff has more than 10 years of experience in design, architecture and project management, and is responsible for concept, storytelling and business management. Philipp Eckhoff started his career as a designer at Alfredo Haeberli. Subsequently he led teams at Sauerbruch Hutton Architects and Selux AG. morean have been working with high-end clients like Zaha […]

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UX for Space: Creating Meaningful Engagement through Data-Driven Design

David and Simon founded CO-Office in New York City with an aim to improve client engagement in the ­project process. Their design approach is bottom-up and not top-down, similar to User Experience design. With an emphasis on collecting quantitative data to support their design intuition, CO-Office proves that good Design is also good business.


LandAid and VU.CITY Team Up to Help Young Homeless in London

Back in January 2018, VU.CITY, who produce highly accurate interactive 3D city models combined a social focus with their efforts to curate models of the future city skylines. Teaming up with LandAid, a charity who aim to end youth homelessness, they agreed to donate to the cause for every model received to promote the donation […]

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What Architecture Can Adopt from User Experience Design

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VRnow uses Deep Learning to Automatically Digitize Floor Plans

Deutsche Wohnen, one of the largest real estate companies in Berlin and Germany, has decided to invest in VRnow, a Berlin-based startup specializing in the digitization of floor plans. The two companies are aiming to digitize all of the approximately 160,000 floor plans in the holdings of Deutsche Wohnen, and use it to create sophisticated […]


10 Best Apps for Architects That Make Life Easier

These 10 apps for architects have grabbed the spotlight in recent years as innovative problem-solving tools that make life easier for architects. Innovative tech solutions– from 3D printing to project management tools and drone-based monitoring systems– are revolutionizing the way architects work. These tools allow them to optimize their workflows, increase ROI and communicate better […]


5 Top Tips on Creating a Great Architecture Portfolio

At a time of great competitiveness, applying for a job in architecture can get quite stressful. Your architecture portfolio plays a crucial role in whether you land your dream job. When creating an architecture portfolio, architects get to play the role of marketing experts. They need to think about all the elements that go into […]


Freedom Architects Advances Home Designs Using VR Showrooms

In Japan’s made-to-order housing business, each design is unique. The architect puts their ideas into a plan, created to closely reflect each client’s needs—and normally, conveys this plan to the potential homeowner through blueprints, models, and CG renders. But adding a VR-based virtual showroom to this toolkit has allowed more interactive client collaboration and better […]

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How Drones Can Be Used in Architecture

Drones may seem like a passing fad to some, but this new technology is already having a significant impact on the way AEC professionals design and operate. Read on to find out more on how drones can help streamline your workflow. Small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, are gaining in popularity not only […]

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How IrisVR brings Virtual Reality to the AEC Industry

Do you want to get into the heads of the top initiators and performers from the architectural community? If so, we heartily welcome you to Archipreneur Insights! In this interview series, we talk to the leaders and key players who have created outstanding work and projects within the fields of architecture, building and development. Get […]


Monograph: A Website Builder for Architects, by Architects

Tired of constantly modifying your website, finding and integrating plug-ins, and setting up hosting? Monograph Website Builder for Architects takes away all the hassle involved in website building and offers a solution specially developed for AEC professionals. Among the many communication channels architects use to reach out to potential clients and create a following, the […]

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Design Together with Bricks: Collaborative Solutions for Architects

Archipreneur Insights is an interview series with experts and entrepreneurs in the field of architecture, building and development, highlighting the creative and unusual operations of their businesses and projects. Considering we’re very deep within the age of technology, we also look at how these community leaders have used alternative methods to achieve their career and […]

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