Shouldn’t we all be developers? Ebook by Roger Zogolovitch

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Author: Roger Zogolovitch
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Shouldn’t we all be developers? by Roger Zogolovich is a book that has sparked a debate about the role that small and independent developers should play in building the new homes that are so desperately required.

The print edition, published in June 2015 sold out last year. But a digital copy of the book was published, which can be read on your Kindle, phone, tablet or desktop. The book is available online for £4.99 incl VAT.

Read a few testimonials below

“Ideas tumble from Zogolovitch’s highly-readable book.”
The Building Centre

“Planning, land, design, brand, money, interiors, and the developer’s relationship with the state form separate but overlapping themes and chapters. His cookbook is a way of letting a hundred flowers bloom where they are most needed – the inner city. Zogolovitch’s plan may seem an idealistic, even romantic approach; but in fact one could argue that by disaggregating the problem, small, local, responsive delivery is the answer.”
Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Today

“In his recent book… architect-turned-developer Zogolovitch calls for a new approach that seeks potential in the nooks and crannies of our urban fabric.” 

About the author

Roger is a qualified architect with 40 years experience of design and development. He is known in the industry as a progressive thinker – always striving to create projects that delight, engage and push the boundaries of how architecture can enhance our cities.

Roger was the director of the Infrastructure and Development course at the London School of Economics, and lectures regularly on regeneration policy throughout the UK. He has served as president to the Architectural Association.

He has considerable experience in the process of design management of major regeneration projects, including the Greenwich Millennium Village Competition and the Hastings & Bexhill masterplan. Roger is often asked to give his expertise as a juror, he contributes regularly to the architectural press and teaches and lectures widely.

He is the Honorary Surveyor to the Royal Academy of Arts and assisting them in making their masterplan for their enlarged campus in London for their 250th year celebrations in 2018.

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