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Learning Revit doesn’t have to be boring and painful. Revit Pure BASICS package is the most fun, simple and time-efficient Revit course, ever. It was created by architects, for architects.

The package is designed for busy people in mind. Maybe you have your own business. Maybe you are a student in crunch time. Maybe you are trying to learn Revit while raising a family of 10 kids. We got you covered: we made everything ultra-simple and focus on the tools that you are going to use.

Basics Packages includes the following things:

    221 pages of straight to the point tutorials and guide to understand the essence of Revit. Do you like Revit Pure Pamphlets and blog posts? You will love the eBook.
    125 minutes of carefully edited video tutorials containing all the BASICS chapters. These videos are made to be short and efficient.
    Test what you’ve learned with the Super Secret Monster Lab exercise. Model a fun and ridiculous project to see if you understand the key concepts of Revit. See the complete solution with a video tutorial.
    Our beginner’s template is lean, efficient and beautiful. It can easily be updated with your own office standards. Contains both imperial and metric templates files.

What others say about Revit Pure – Basics:

«The PDF is REALLY well organized and clear. I’ve bought a lot of Revit books over the years and I really appreciate it isn’t filled with too much explanations. I think that’s often overwhelming for new users.» – Michael Kilkelly – Architect / Design Technologist

« What makes it so good is that the videos are packed with useful info, but at the same time everything is taught with a very “light tone” and easy to understand language with some humoristic undertones. Very well done! » – Patrick Lundqvist – BIM Instructor – AEC

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