Basis Kitchen by Reform

Key Facts

Brand: Reform
Product Type: Kitchens
Product Link: Basis Kitchen

For many people, the heart of the home is the kitchen, but this is a room that’s often overlooked when it comes to design. Often our kitchens are white and neutral with design as an afterthought. Reform wants to change this. We collaborate with the best Danish and internationally acclaimed architects to reform our kitchens – and our everyday lives – with great design.

Reform projects start with a basic ingredient – elements from the IKEA kitchen. Add our architect-designed fronts and countertops to create an aesthetic and a personal style that combines quality construction, function and timeless design.

We also offer affordable and great-looking updates to already installed IKEA kitchens – our designs give them a new, upgraded look. In addition, we offer adjustable fronts for IKEA PAX wardrobes and GODMORGON bathroom cupboards.

More info about the Basis design

The Basis design comes in two versions: Basis 01 and Basis 02. These are Reform’s in-house models, where it all began – and we are still great fans. Both models are characterized by the classic carpenter milled-in handle in oak or smoked oak, a detail that gives the design an elegant contrast between the clean surface and the warm texture from the natural wood. With its stylish round handle the Basis 01 is inspired by the 1960s Scandinavian architect kitchens and is a good take on a timeless and classical kitchen design. The Basis 02 model has a more modern and streamlined look with its oblong handle and its smooth and soft corners.

We love to combine our Basis series with a countertop in linoleum – especially because the solid oak edge on the countertop beautifully compliments the oak in the milled-in handle. The whole kitchen becomes elegant and complete.