New AEC Business Models – 6 Expert Video Interviews incl. Case Studies

Video | 6 interviews
What are the future models of practice in the digital age for architects, engineers and builders? How will the existing organization of the design and construction industry evolve to capitalize on new opportunities? We have produced a video interview series with 6 architects who started innovative ventures with new business models in the AEC industry. Learn from their stories and advice on how to build a successful business.

Who are the experts

We interviewed the following entrepreneurs. They are all architects who created innovative ventures within the AEC industry.

  1. Michael Kilkelly – Founder of ArchSmarter / Space Command
  2. Steven Burns, FAIA – Chief Creative Officer of ArchiOffice / BQE
  3. Gunita Ku─╝ikovska – Founder & CEO of Vividly App
  4. Ryan King -Founder of CoinCraft
  5. Robert Yuen – Co-Founder of
  6. Declan Keefe – Strategic Director of Placetailor

Business Models we cover

We cover the following 4 business model types with the expert talks and their ventures:

  1. Architect as Developer / Design Build (Placetailor)
  2. Consulting (Space Command)
  3. Online Publishing (ArchSmarter)
  4. Software as a Service (SaaS) – (ArchiOffice, CoinCraft, Monograph & Vividly)

What will you learn

The experts share their knowledge and stories and give valuable advice and tips. You will learn the following things:

  • Learn About Their Backgrounds, What They Studied and Which Books They Read
  • How To Choose The Right Business Model For Yourself
  • How To Get Started Building Your Business
  • Learn How Other Founders Financed Their Businesses
  • Which Marketing Strategies Work Best For A Particular Business Model
  • How Founders Validate Their Ideas Without Spending A Fortune

Detailed business models case studies

In addition to the video interviews, you receive a detailed case study (PDF file) of each interviewee’s business. Find out which business model is right for you. We break down the entire business model for you and highlight the key skills and resources that are needed.

  • Understand The Value Proposition Of Each Business
  • How Does The Business Generate Revenues
  • What Is The Cost Structure Of The Business
  • What Is The Relationship Between Revenues and Cost Drivers
  • What Are The Key Activities In The Business?
  • What Are The Most Important Resources For A Specific Business?
  • Which Customer Segments Does A Business Target
  • How Do Businesses Maintain Their Customer Relationship

Are you ready to become an Archipreneur? Find out which business model is right for you, test your ideas and build a profitable venture. Get the video interview series plus business model case studies today…