Online Advertising for Architects

Video lesson
In this video lesson you will learn how to setup an AdWords strategy that generates new clients in your local area. What if every time someone is searching for an architect in your city, you could put an ad right in front of them? That’s exactly what Google AdWords can do for you.

This lecture will show you how to setup a highly profitable AdWords campaign for your local areas.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Search vs Display – The Right Strategy For Your Company
  • Keyword Research Techniques: How To Determine Search Volumes and Cost per Click
  • Conversion Tracking Basics – How To Measure The Performance Of Your Campaigns
  • Keyword Match Option and Why They Make or Break A Campaign
  • The Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up A Profitable AdWords Campaign

After completing the lesson you will have setup an AdWords campaign that generates new clients 24/7 in your local area.

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